For this month’s blog post, I thought I’d share a groundbreaking new product line to hit the door market. Yes, you read that right – groundbreaking. It’s not a word you often hear in commercial construction. Our industry is slow to adopt innovation, but every once in a while something comes along that disrupts the current state of things to make way for a better, more efficient process. Keep reading to learn more about the latest door technology you’re sure to hear more about this year.


What It Is

PDQ Smart Locks

Think about it: We utilize smart phone technology to monitor our aerobic activity, track our finances, and keep an eye on our security systems at home – why wouldn’t we use tech to do the same for our commercial buildings?

Enter….PDQ Smart. PDQ Smart is a series of Bluetooth-controlled locks and accessories for commercial doors. The new hardware line, which includes cylindrical locks, mortise locks, and exit device trims, allows you to connect directly to your facility door locks from anywhere using your iPhone or Android smart phone. It’s simple: Download the PDQ Smart app, enroll different users to grant them security access, and voila – you are connected to your building doors with the push of a button. One app allows you to control as many locks as you want.

Not only can you lock and unlock doors via the app, but you can basically manage your facility – control access rights, maintain schedules for regular and after hours access, and retrieve audit trails to see who and when a user accessed the lock.


Who It’s For

PDQ Smart is compatible with most commercial doors, which means it’ll work in just about any commercial building. However, there are a few end-uses that it’s absolutely ideal for, including:

•  Warehouses
•  Offices
•  Schools
•  Health clubs
•  Assisted living facilities
•  Car dealerships
•  Retail stores
•  Rental properties

If you have questions or want to know more about the new PDQ Smart hardware line, send me an email (jsmigel at pdlbuildingproducts dot com) or give me a call at 877-735-3667. You can also view the spec sheet on our Technical Documents page here.

– Joan